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ACE Rules

NESA has published clarified ACE Rules on the NSW Curriculum website. Stay up to date with the clarified ACE Rules by visiting this website. 

The clarified rules come into effect from 14 October 2024. Schools must not implement the clarified rules before this date. Schools must use the current ACE Rules on Loading... until 14 October 2024.

To learn more about how NESA has clarified the ACE Rules, refer to the information sheets.


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NESA is authorised under section 20A of the Education Act 1990 (NSW) to determine rules and procedures for the conduct of the HSC exams.


HSC (assessment)

About self-tuition

  1. Self-tuition applicants are:
    1. not eligible for the award of the HSC or RoSA
    2. eligible for an eRecord available in Students Online.

Eligibility to enrol in HSC courses by self-tuition

  1. Applicants wishing to enrol in HSC courses by self-tuition must:
    1. be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident; and
    2. reside in NSW; and
    3. not be enrolled as a student in any of the following schools or institutes:
      1. a NSW government school, or
      2. a non-government school registered by NESA, or
      3. an institute of TAFE NSW, or
      4. a school outside NSW recognised by NESA.

Applying to enrol in HSC courses by self-tuition

  1. Self-tuition applicants must email:
    1. to obtain an entry form, and
    2. on or before 30 June in the year of study with the following:
      1. a signed and completed copy of the entry form, and
      2. a certified copy of the applicant’s identification, and
      3. evidence of completion1 of All My Own Work, and
      4. signed statutory declaration(s) for entry into English EAL/D and/or a Languages course(s) with eligibility requirements.
  2. Applicants enrolling for self-tuition are responsible for obtaining copies of Loading..., support materials, texts and other references relevant to their chosen studies.

Applying for HSC disability provisions

  1. Applicants enrolling for self-tuition may apply for disability provisions by emailing Student Support at The evidence required for the disability provisions application will be communicated with the applicant.
  2. Self-tuition applicants are responsible for applying for disability provisions by the last day of Term 1 in the year the applicant sits the HSC exams.
  3. NESA may approve disability provisions that provide access to the HSC exams if a self-tuition applicant’s permanent or temporary disability prevents them from doing so in a normal exam situation.

Online resources

For further information

For further information about self-tuition, please email Student Records at


  1. Self-tuition applicants who have never completed All My Own Work (AMOW) must complete AMOW and provide a screenshot of their quiz results. Applicants who have previously completed AMOW do not need to complete it again.


HSC (assessment)

About HSC courses available for self-tuition

  1. Self-tuition applicants:
    1. must follow the HSC rules and procedures
    2. must abide by course eligibility rules, including:
      1. course exclusions, and
      2. course prerequisites and co-requisites; and
    3. are responsible for meeting UAC requirements, if applicable, for the calculation of the ATAR, including eligible pattern of study requirement, and
    4. cannot submit an illness/misadventure application, as there is no assessment mark available.

Eligibility requirements for English EAL/D and some Languages courses

  1. Self-tuition applicants studying English EAL/D and/or Languages course(s) with eligibility requirements:
    1. are responsible for confirming course eligibility requirements, and
    2. must provide a signed statutory declaration stating the applicant meets the eligibility requirements to enter the course(s).

Attending HSC exams

  1. Applicants enrolling for self-tuition are responsible for:
    1. adhering to the dates listed in the HSC key dates and exam timetable
    2. attending scheduled HSC exams, and3
    3. abiding by the rules of the venue where the HSC exam centre has been established.

Online resources

For further information

For further information about self-tuition, please email Student Records at


  1. Eligibility requirements apply.

  2. Eligibility requirements may apply.

  3. Applicants studying by self-tuition must attend scheduled HSC exams as there is no assessment mark available for the course(s) studied.