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11–12Software Engineering 11–12 Syllabus

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Implementation from 2024
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Syllabus overview

Course structure and requirements

Course numbers:

  • Software Engineering (Year 11, 2 units): 11345
  • Software Engineering (Year 12, 2 units): 15365


  • Computing Technology Life Skills (Year 11, 2 units): 16623
  • Computing Technology Life Skills (Year 12, 2 units): 16623
Connection between syllabus content and Learning through project work. More detail in text after diagram.
Figure 1: The organisation of content for Software Engineering 11–12 Syllabus

Image long description: This is a diagram outlining the organisation content for the Software Engineering 11–12 Syllabus. Content is listed in boxes, Programming fundamentals, The object-oriented paradigm, and Programming mechatronics fall under Year 11 on the left. Secure software architecture, Programming for the web, Software automation and Software Engineering project fall under Year 12 on the right. In the middle is Learning through project work, with lines coming from this box and encircling the content. Surrounding all content of the diagram is a line which is joined at the bottom by a box labelled, Skills. This demonstrates that Skills is being both developed and used in all focus areas.

Year 11 course structure and requirements

The Year 11 course provides students with opportunities to develop and apply an understanding of the fundamental elements involved in creating software.

Year 11 course (120 hours)

Year 11Indicative hours
Programming Fundamentals40
The Object-Oriented Paradigm40
Programming Mechatronics40
Year 12 course structure and requirements

The Year 12 course provides students with opportunities to extend their knowledge, understanding and skills in the development of software. A major software engineering project provides students with the opportunity to further develop project management skills.

Year 12 course (120 hours)

Year 12Indicative hours
Secure Software Architecture30
Programming for the Web30
Software Automation30
Software Engineering Project30

Software Engineering course specifications

The Software Engineering Course Specifications are an integral part of the course content for Year 11 and Year 12 and indicate the depth of study required for some concepts in the Software Engineering 1112 Syllabus. The Software Engineering 1112 Syllabus must be applied in conjunction with the Software Engineering Course Specifications.