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11–12Software Engineering 11–12 Syllabus

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Implementation from 2024
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The study of Software Engineering 11–12 enables students to develop an understanding of software engineering as a facet of computer science. Students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of software engineering, hardware and software integration, and the development, implementation and evaluation of computer programs. They focus on a systematic approach to problem-solving when designing and developing creative software solutions.

Software Engineering promotes a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts, programming languages and innovative technologies, leading to greater flexibility when developing software solutions. Students perform project work and apply their knowledge and skills in: programming fundamentals, the object-oriented paradigm, programming mechatronics, secure software architecture, programming for the web and software automation, and use the acquired knowledge and skills to develop a software engineering project. Project work enables students to collaborate on problems and develop team and communication skills that are highly valued in the industry.

Software Engineering encourages students to explore the impact of innovations in computing technology on society and the environment. They engage with technologies that improve access to, and participation in, a range of industries.

The Software Engineering 11–12 Syllabus provides students with the opportunity to develop their computing skills across 4 domains: technical skills, social awareness, project management and thinking skills. Students are encouraged to transfer knowledge to new situations and projects, building on technical skills and past learning. They enhance their understanding of project management through collaboration, communicating ideas, engaging in processes and designing solutions.