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K–10English K–10 Syllabus

Record of changes
Implementation for K–2 from 2023 and 3–10 from 2024
Expand for detailed implementation advice


Early Stage 1

Understanding and responding to literature
  • Identify aspects of their own world represented in texts

  • Identify texts that are composed for specific audiences and purposes

  • Identify and contrast features of texts that inform, persuade and/or entertain

  • Create imaginative and/or informative texts relating to their own experience, the world and/or other texts

  • Understand that narrative can be real or imagined

  • Identify narratives told through a range of modes and media

  • Identify, discuss and compare the beginning, middle and end in a range of narratives

  • Experiment with using parts and/or features of a narrative, innovating from a mentor text

  • Use background knowledge to support understanding of characters’ actions in a text

  • Reason using background knowledge as to why a character has acted in a certain way

  • Identify and discuss character features and actions

  • Identify and discuss language used to describe characters in narratives

  • Share feelings and thoughts in response to characters and actions in texts

  • Identify and compare characters in a range of texts

  • Understand that characters in texts are represented by how they look, what they say and do, and their thoughts

Imagery, symbol and connotation
  • Identify and discuss how creative language and/or symbols enhance enjoyment in texts

  • Identify how visual cues contribute to the meaning of a text

  • Identify how words and word order influence meaning in texts

  • Experiment with creative play with language in own texts

  • Express likes and dislikes about a text

  • Identify favourite stories and/or characters in texts using verbal and/or nonverbal modes

  • Compare opinions of a text or characters with peers

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