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K–10English K–10 Syllabus

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Implementation for K–2 from 2023 and 3–10 from 2024
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Stage 2

Reading fluency
Reading automaticity and rate
  • Explain how effortless and accurate word reading, at a pace appropriate for text and purpose, can support reading fluency and comprehension

  • Syllabify, blend grapheme–phoneme correspondences and use morphemic knowledge as strategies for reading words accurately

  • Read multisyllabic words, phrases and continuous texts with accuracy and appropriate rate suited to reading purpose

  • Maintain stamina when reading extended texts

  • Demonstrate use of navigation pathways to support fluency when engaging with print, visual and multimodal texts

  • Explain how prosodic reading involves emphasis, expression, intonation and pausing

  • Adjust voice, tone, volume and pitch reflected by the punctuation in a text, to enhance reading fluency and support comprehension

  • Apply appropriate tone to represent characters' emotions when reading text with dialogue

Monitoring reading fluency
  • Recognise that there are different purposes and audiences for reading and adjust reading rate to suit a text’s purpose

  • Reflect on and compare differences between own oral reading fluency and silent reading fluency

  • Reflect on how adjusting reading rate and prosody supports comprehension and can engage an audience

  • Reflect on stamina for reading sustained texts

  • Monitor and adjust own goals for improving reading fluency

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