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K–10English K–10 Syllabus

Record of changes
Implementation for K–2 from 2023 and 3–10 from 2024


Stage 3

Learning and using words
  • Identify newly encountered words from interactions and wide reading, and use them in writing, discussions and presentations

  • Identify and use words that convey informative and objective meanings in texts

  • Identify and use words that convey subjective, emotive and persuasive meanings in texts

  • Use metalanguage when discussing language features encountered in texts

  • Extend knowledge of literal and non-literal word meanings through idiom or metaphor

  • Apply knowledge of taught Tier 3 subject-specific morphemes and their meanings

  • Identify Aboriginal English words used in multimodal, spoken and written texts

  • Identify and use words derived from other languages, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages, and know that the pronunciation and spelling of words may reflect their etymology

Defining and analysing words
  • Describe multiple meanings of words, including their metaphorical uses

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of modal words used in texts to intensify or soften emotional responses

  • Analyse morphemic structures of Tier 2 and Tier 3 words to determine their meaning

  • Compare nuances and subtleties between synonyms to discern the most appropriate word for a given context

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