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K–10English K–10 Syllabus

Record of changes
Implementation for K–2 from 2023 and 3–10 from 2024


Stage 3

Phonological component
  • Segment unfamiliar multisyllabic words into syllables and phonemes as a strategy when spelling

Orthographic component
  • Apply and explain graphemes identified by their etymology

  • Apply infrequently occurring graphemes and letter patterns when spelling base words in a range of writing contexts

  • Recognise that the same grapheme can represent different phonemes

  • Proofread written texts to correct misspellings, making use of spelling reference tools where required

Morphological component
  • Explain and use spelling conventions to add derivational suffixes such as -ion, -ian, -ence, -ous to base words or roots

  • Explain and use spelling conventions for assimilated prefixes such as in-, ad-, com-

  • Explain the etymology of taught roots and apply this knowledge when creating written texts

  • Correctly spell taught homophones when creating written texts across a range of writing topics and learning areas

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