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7–10Music 7–10 Syllabus

Record of changes
Implementation in 2026


Life Skills

Life Skills for Stage 4/5

Through collaborative curriculum planning, it may be decided that Life Skills outcomes and content are the most appropriate option for some students with intellectual disability.

Music in practice
  • Perform with intent

  • Communicate preference and make choices between instruments

  • Perform in group or individual settings

  • Perform music to express a specific idea, emotion, action or purpose

  • Reflect on personal participation in group and/or individual performances

  • Perform music in response to a written or sensory score

  • Develop and use vocabulary relevant to performing

  • Participate in musical performances in a variety of ways

  • Use technologies to perform music

  • Develop skills for safe use and care of musical instruments and equipment

  • Develop skills for safe vocal and instrumental practices

  • Demonstrate awareness of hygiene and safety protocols when sharing instruments

Music in context
  • Perform music to reflect personal and/or collective identity or preference

  • Perform music for wellbeing, including for regulation and social connection

  • Perform music in a variety of familiar and/or unfamiliar settings and contexts

  • Demonstrate skills to work safely and respectfully with others

  • Demonstrate awareness of cultural protocols when performing music

  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviours and protocols when sharing or performing music

Elements of music
  • Perform music showing an understanding of the elements of music

  • Explore how elements can be used to express musical ideas in performance

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