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7–10Music 7–10 Syllabus

Record of changes
Implementation in 2026


Stage 4

Music in practice
  • Sing demonstrating melodic and/or harmonic awareness

  • Develop vocal and/or instrumental skills individually and in groups

  • Perform music in a range of musical styles to communicate musical ideas

  • Perform in an ensemble recognising own role and those of others

  • Perform own compositions and those of others

  • Improvise on a given musical stimulus to develop musical ideas

  • Perform from musical scores

  • Apply knowledge of musical terminology to rehearse and perform

  • Experiment with technologies to explore creative possibilities

  • Demonstrate safe vocal and instrumental practices including correct posture, warm-up and technique

  • Reflect on own experience of performing to develop performance skills

Music in context
  • Apply stylistic characteristics in performance

  • Understand the purpose of a performance

  • Communicate musical ideas with expression

  • Perform with consideration of composer and audience perspectives

  • Perform to audiences in different settings

  • Apply the protocols and responsibilities of working safely and respectfully with others

  • Make ethical choices about how music is used in performance, including use of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) protocols

  • Demonstrate understanding of risks and protocols related to information and identity

Elements of music
  • Use the elements of music when improvising and performing to communicate musical ideas

  • Describe how the elements of music are used in performance

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