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11–12Computing Technology Life Skills 11–12 Syllabus

Implementation from 2024


Life Skills

Life Skills for Stage 6

Through collaborative curriculum planning, it may be decided that Life Skills outcomes and content are the most appropriate option for some students with intellectual disability.

Everyday computing technology
Accessing and exploring everyday technologies
  • Explore digital technologies that can be used for a variety of purposes

  • Explore assistive technologies that support a range of users

  • Identify digital technologies they use in everyday life

  • Identify the purposes of digital technologies

  • Develop skills to communicate needs, wants or preferences using AAC

  • Initiate or respond to communication with others using an AAC device

  • Use digital and assistive technologies to increase independence

  • Explore the impact of digital technologies on individuals with disability

  • Describe the value of digital technologies used for personal, social, recreational and vocational aspects of our lives

Digital and information literacy
  • Explore the functionality in everyday computing technology

  • Select the most appropriate software or application to perform a specific function

  • Perform key functions using digital technologies

  • Participate in a leisure or recreation activity using digital technologies

  • Develop word-processing skills

  • Navigate websites using menus, sidebars, links and search bar

  • Use digital technologies to locate and access information

  • Use digital technologies to store and access data

  • Demonstrate the steps required for using digital technologies to perform a transaction

  • Collaborate with others using digital technologies

  • Demonstrate collaboration skills when using digital technologies