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11–12Computing Technology Life Skills 11–12 Syllabus

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Implementation from 2024
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The Computing Technology Life Skills 11–12 Syllabus enables students to understand the function and purpose of digital technology tools, processes, knowledge and ways of thinking. This allows students to effectively use and manage digital systems in everyday and workplace settings. Students explore the role of digital tools and technologies in personal, social, recreational and work-based contexts.

The study of Computing Technology Life Skills provides opportunities for students to further develop their knowledge and skills in both digital literacy and the use of hardware, software and information systems. Students perform project work and apply their knowledge and skills in: everyday computing, interactive media and the user experience, networking systems and social computing, digital citizenship and cyber safety, data science, intelligent systems and in the development of a computing technology project.

Computing Technology Life Skills encourages students to use digital systems responsibly and ethically. They are provided with the opportunity to develop skills and understanding in cyber safety to keep themselves and others safe. They also explore their digital footprints, appropriate communication and digital etiquette. Students explore the impact of computing technology innovations in relation to themselves, society and the environment.

The Computing Technology Life Skills 11–12 Syllabus builds upon the Digital Literacy general capability and study of digital technologies in the Technology Mandatory Years 7–8 Syllabus. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their computing skills across 4 domains: technical skills, social awareness, project management and thinking skills. Students are encouraged to transfer knowledge to new situations and projects, building on technical skills and past experiences. They enhance their understanding of project management through collaboration, communicating ideas, engaging in processes and designing solutions.

The Computing Technology Life Skills 11–12 Syllabus aligns with the Enterprise Computing 11–12 Syllabus to provide opportunities for integrated delivery.