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11–12Enterprise Computing 11–12 Syllabus

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Implementation from 2024
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The study of Enterprise Computing 11–12 enables students to develop an understanding of the function and purpose of digital tools and processes, and the importance of data in enterprise information systems. This allows students to effectively use and manage digital tools and technologies in commercial and other settings.

Students are encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by working collaboratively, growing specialised communication skills, and applying system, design and computational thinking skills. The knowledge and skills developed in this course ensure students can contribute to a world increasingly reliant on the manipulation and use of digital systems.

Students develop an understanding of how computing technologies can be harnessed to provide effective user interaction and efficient access to information that supports commercial, industrial, social and environmental initiatives. Students perform project work and apply their knowledge and skills in: interactive media and the user experience, networking systems and social connections, principles of cybersecurity, data science, data visualisations, and intelligent systems. Students use their acquired knowledge and skills to develop an enterprise project. Project work encourages students to collaborate on problems and develop team and communication skills that are highly valued in the industry.

Enterprise Computing encourages the understanding of the implications of responsible and ethical application of digital systems, and the application of appropriate standards in the development of solutions. Students learn about the technologies that support enterprise-based information systems. As they develop digital solutions, students investigate social and safety issues relating to cyber safety, cybersecurity and digital footprints. They engage with technologies that improve access to, and participation in, computing technologies across a range of enterprises.