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11–12Geography Life Skills 11–12 Syllabus

Implementation from 2024


Life Skills

Life Skills for Stage 6

Through collaborative curriculum planning, it may be decided that Life Skills outcomes and content are the most appropriate option for some students with intellectual disability.

Geographical inquiry skills
Acquiring geographical information
  • Identify an issue

  • Pose geographical questions to investigate the issue

  • Collect primary geographical data

  • Gather geographical information from secondary sources

  • Record information

Processing geographical information
  • Recognise data and information for its usefulness

  • Represent data and information in appropriate forms

  • Interpret and analyse data and information

  • Draw conclusions

Applying geographical understanding
  • Identify possible opportunities and challenges

  • Suggest possible actions and/or outcomes

  • Make judgements about the most appropriate actions

  • Propose actions

  • Where appropriate, take action

Communicating geographical understanding
  • Communicate the results from an inquiry using a variety of strategies appropriate to the subject matter, purpose and audience

  • Reflect on the findings of the investigation; what has been learnt; the process and effectiveness of the inquiry