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K–10Auslan K–10 Syllabus

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Implementation in 2026
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The study of Auslan fosters understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and attitudes within the Deaf community and wider Australian community through a visualgestural modality.

The Auslan K–10 Syllabus recognises the significance of Auslan in the linguistic landscape of Australia. As a part of this landscape, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Sign Languages are a recognised form of cultural connection for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander d/Deaf students and Communities. The syllabus provides an opportunity for d/Deaf students to learn about their own language and allows students to learn Auslan as an additional language. Students learn to communicate inclusively in real-world contexts and in d/Deaf and hearing environments. Learning Auslan strengthens collaborative and problem-solving skills, and enhances reflective, critical and creative thinking.

For d/Deaf students learning Auslan as their first language, Auslan expands their sense of belonging, cultural and personal identity. Students learn the skills needed to become confident communicators and to understand and participate in the world around them. Auslan allows d/Deaf students with no prior knowledge of language a means of communication to interact with the world around them. Students learning Auslan as an additional language are provided with greater opportunity to participate in and communicate with the Deaf community.

The cultural, intellectual and social benefits of language learning reach beyond the individual to society as a whole. Proficiency in Auslan is a national resource that serves communities within Australia. Auslan provides students with opportunities to develop transferable knowledge and skills that will enable them to use and enjoy the language, open up a range of personal and professional opportunities and contribute to an inclusive world.