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7–10Dance 7–10 Syllabus

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Implementation in 2026


Dance is a distinct form of human movement that uses the body as an instrument to express and communicate ideas. Articulating the culture and society from which it emerges, dance has the capacity to reflect and enrich human experience.

Learning in, through and about dance stimulates creativity and nurtures students’ imagination, critical thinking and self-expression. The Dance 7–10 Syllabus is founded on artistic and aesthetic principles and places value on dance as an art form as well as its role in cultural, social and personal contexts.

Through the study of performance, composition and appreciation students learn about the cultural significance and artistic integrity of dance as a language of human expression. The Dance 7–10 Syllabus is founded on the importance of dance as both process and product.

Through the processes of performing and creating their own choreographic works, students exercise their problem-solving skills and personal artistic expression. Students develop knowledge and skills through technique, safe dance practice and performance quality. They understand how an idea and intent is communicated through abstract movement and learn to compose their own dance works. Students investigate and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance, and the multicultural dance heritage of Australia. Through critical appreciation students develop a deep understanding of culture, society, and different perspectives.

The study of dance is accessible to all students and fosters a deep understanding of shared humanity, promoting a more interconnected and empathetic world. Dance has the capacity to enhance wellbeing, health and social engagement that contributes to safe, healthy and rewarding lives.